Appeal for Donation

img Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

Your donation can help our Anand Niketan team to ensure that children from all economic strata can afford quality education to make them responsible and responsive citizens. This education enables children, as responsive citizens, to give something back to the society.



joyful-journey "Anand Niketan is it a name of school ? It seems to be a activity center", A school inspector remarked. We are in fact, overwhelmed to take these remarks as compliments rather a Complaint. Anand Niketan is not just a school, an activity center, it is much more than that, looking behind an beyond obvious. Please come, observe and experience the Joyful Journey Towards Meaningful Life!

9.30 Morning! It's a Hallagulla time. Kindergarten students going out and preprimary and primary students hurrying to get into the school, excited, bursting with vitality and energy need to be channelised! The day starts with prayer and exercises.

This is 1st Std. class. Mathematics class is going on. You remembered your mathematics class! Isn't it, don't worry and go away. Here, students do hands at attractive material objects, to learn mathematics. Students handle Jodo blocks, Math's-mat (coloured rubber mat with holes and rectangular, triangular blocks), going beyond notebooks and pencils. In fact, they play with Math's.

Typical Day at Anand Niketan
'Anand Niketan' is a Marathi Medium non-aided school, basically for middle class and lower middle class rather affordable to all sections of society/masses.
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Sahaj Shikshanachi Prayogashala

To propagate our educational methods, make people feel these are practical, not hypothetical, based on experimentation in the school a book is published.
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Shala Ek Maja

Is small book with illustrations based on our philosophy and concept about education. It was published in the year 2008. Second addition is in process as it is in consistent demand.
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