Social Awareness

socia awarnessWe aspire to make children of Anand Niketan responsive to social needs. They also get exposed to the reality checks of types and causes of deprivations and disadvantages people suffer from.


Earlier, schools use to have representation from all cross sections of society, of different religions, castes and classes. Recent phenomenon is that each school caters to a specific class where children mix with their own class only. This isolation is unhealthy and unrealistic.


We believe that education should bring down these walls, of different religions, castes and classes. So our classrooms vibrate with students from all sections of society. Our fees are comparatively low. Admissions are not linked to donations. Admissions are never denied to those who wish to benefit from these learning opportunities. We ensure this by motivating the better-off part of the
society.  We wish that the school should not cater to a particular class, financial or otherwise.


socia awarnessStudents of Anand Niketan visit market-yards and meet the deprived children. They visit schools for blind, deaf and dumb, mentally challenged children, interact with children and their teachers. So also organize interactions with farmers, small entrepreneurs, brick workers and scavengers.   


Their interaction with students from Jeevan-Shala a school run by Narmada Bachave Andolan in Narmada valley and their dialogue with Baba Amte and Sadhanatai Amte, during their stay at Nashik, made them learn a lot about social issues. These are the few examples.

socia awarnesssocia awarnesssocia awarnesssocia awarness