Dreams to Fulfil

DreamDreamTo propagate this particular learning methodology in the society and involving children from other schools in this process by interactions and holding joint programmes, workshops.


Wide exposure to art, music and other creative activities is essential to relish, relax and to derive happiness and satisfaction, in turn for psychological competence. This will awaken their interests and such intrinsic qualities. So we want to establish full pledged Art Centre / Art Gallery for children of our school as well as other schools.


DreamWe intend to propagate/spread these teaching-learning processes, experiments, ideas to reach to all parts and sections of society. So, we aim at establishing Reference, Documentation, and Training Centre. This center will work  as a  catalyst  to co-ordinate, facilitate  and  to exchange  these experiments, ideas.  


In coming year we propose to have top floor (about 5,000 sq.ft.)  for class rooms for vocational training, Maths lab,  art gallery & activity hall. The plan is approved by Nashik Municipal Corporation. 


We also dream to develop good quality play ground and equipments for all sports.